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Few towns are as unusual and picturesque as Grimaud. Nicknamed theVenice of Provence“Port Grimaud is characterized by its marina, with its canals, bridges and colorful facades that appeal to vacationers and locals alike.

But Grimaud is also a charming charming village with a rich heritage and a natural territory ideal for outdoor activities.

Spend your vacations in GrimaudA visit to the Côte d’Azur is an enchanting interlude in a city that’s well worth the detour. Book your stay in our
camping in Grimaud
and enjoy the natural beauty and heritage of this not-to-be-missed location!

Port Grimaud

Grimaud and its port

Port Grimaud is a unique marina located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Designed in the 1960s by architect François Spoerry, this lakeside village features canals and colorful houses with stucco facades, Provencal shutters and private moorings for boats.

Each home is unique, combining traditional Provencal architecture with modern elements. Pedestrian streets, charming bridges and inviting squares add to the atmosphere.Grimaud’s friendly atmosphere.

Unmissable activities in Grimaud

10 must-do activities for your stay in Grimaud

Visit 10 must-do family activities on your vacation in Grimaud :


  • Grimaud Aventure Grimaud Aventure: a leisure and adventure park that will delight your children.
  • Sailing With Club Nautique de Beauvallon, learn to sail on the waters of Grimaud.
  • Pont des Fées hiking trail Vallon du Pont des Fées: plan a family hike along the splendid Vallon du Pont des Fées trail.
  • The bougainvillea walk If you love flowers, this 2 km walk is the ideal way to discover Grimaud.
  • Boat trip Take advantage of Grimaud’s canals for a pleasant outing.
  • Little train tour Grimaud’s little tourist train is perfect for visiting the town with children.
  • Hiking around Grimaud: follow the path from Grimaud to Cogolin via the Fons Couverte to discover the plain and neighborhoods south of Grimaud.
  • Bike tour Get on your bike and follow the cycle path between Port Grimaud and the village of Grimaud.
  • Windsurfing Take advantage of Grimaud’s beautiful beaches to try your hand at windsurfing.

Horseback riding Grimaud is home to the La Mène equestrian center. Treat yourself to a horseback ride in the Massif des Maures.

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Places of interest in Grimaud

You’re about to stroll through the alleys of Grimaud ? Don’t miss the following places:

  • The medieval castle Grimaud: climb to the heights of Grimaud, to the feudal castle, of which only the ruins remain today. From up here, the view of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is breathtaking.
  • Port Grimaud Port Grimaud: a real trip to Venice awaits you in this central location in Grimaud, with its canals, brightly-colored houses and bridges.
  • Saint-François d’Assise Church A modern architectural gem in Port Grimaud, this building combines art and spirituality in a peaceful Mediterranean setting.
  • The Grimaud windmill The Grimaud windmill: this old windmill, now restored, remains a symbol of the history of Grimaud and its region.
  • Place du Marché If you visit Grimaud on a market day, take the time to stroll through the lively, colorful stalls, where a typical Provencal atmosphere reigns.
  • The medieval village of Grimaud Every nook and cranny of this village has its own charm. The narrow streets conceal traditional stone houses and a lively atmosphere.
  • The beaches Côte d’Azur means beach! Put down your towel on Gros Pin beach, Grimaud sud beach or Guerrevieille beach and enjoy a swim in the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Fairy Bridge This historic stone bridge is a symbol of the region’s architectural heritage. Dating back to the Middle Ages, it spans the La Garde river and was once used to bring water to the village. It’s a popular place for hiking.

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Places to discover Grimaud