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Saint-Tropezthe most emblematic village on the Côte d’Azur, is a favorite destination of the jet set and celebrities, made world-famous in the late 50s by actress Brigitte Bardot. This sunny destination offers a unique experience combining sandy beaches, fascinating history and culinary delights. Discover Saint-Tropezduring your stay at our luxury
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and prepare to succumb to the charm of this legendary town on the French Riviera.

Saint Tropez Mythique French Riviera

Saint Tropez, the most mythical of the French Riviera

Saint-Tropezlocated on the legendary Côte d’Azur, is a destination that instantly evokes luxury, glamour and refinement. Nestling on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this small fishing town has captured the hearts of travelers from all over the world. Let’s find out what makes Saint-Tropez the undisputed jewel of the French Riviera:

  • A privileged geographical location: Saint-Tropez is strategically located on a peninsula, offering an exceptional exceptional coastline with spectacular beaches and breathtaking breathtaking views on the sea. Its geographical position makes it a haven of peace protected from the winds, guaranteeing a pleasant climate all year round.
  • A rich history: Saint-Tropez has a rich fascinating history. Once a modest fishing village, it became famous thanks to the artists and celebrities who frequented it, including Brigitte Bardot. Explore the narrow streets of the old town, steeped in history, and discover how Saint-Tropez has become a symbol of elegance and international renown.
  • Key figures: With its emblematic marina, Saint-Tropez welcomes thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. Designer boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants and exclusive clubs all contribute to making Saint-Tropez a popular destination. Festivals, cultural events and water sports make this city a complete destination.

Saint-Tropez embodies the very essence of the French Riviera, where luxury meets Mediterranean authenticity. This mythical city is ready to welcome you for a unique experience.

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Between idleness and a visit to the citadel of St-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is much more than just a relaxing seaside destination. This city offers a diversity of experiences that appeal to visitors from all over the world. Discover what attracts so many holidaymakers and celebrities to Saint-Tropez, and explore the activities and places of interest that make this destination a true paradise:

  • World-renowned beaches: Saint-Tropez is famous for its sumptuous beaches. Sunbathing, swimming and water sports are just some of the activities not to be missed. Let yourself be lulled by the gentle murmur of the waves on the beaches of Pampelonne, or discover secluded coves for a more intimate getaway.
  • A lively nightlife: Saint-Tropez Saint-Tropez nightlife is legendary. From exclusive clubs to open-air bars, the city comes alive after sunset. It’s the perfect place to celebrate life and party in style.
  • La Citadelle de Saint-Tropez: Explore the historic citadel of Saint-Tropezperched high above the town. This 17th-century fortress not only offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, but also houses a fascinating museum that traces the region’s history.
  • Luxury shopping and local boutiques: Saint-Tropez is a shopping destination of the first rank. From world-famous designer boutiques to quaint local markets, there’s something for everyone. Discover unique artisan treasures that capture the spirit of the region.
  • Exquisite gastronomy: The cuisine in Saint-Tropez is a veritable feast for the taste buds. From delicious fresh seafood to Mediterranean specialties, every meal is a taste experience. Don’t miss the chance to sample local dishes in the old town’s authentic restaurants.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation on the beach, cultural discoveries or lively evenings out, Saint-Tropez has something for everyone. This enchanting city invites you to experience memorable moments throughout your stay.

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Farniente Visits St Tropez
Tropeziennes Immanquables

The unmissable Tropéziennes

A getaway to Saint-Tropez would not be complete without discovering its artisanal specialties unique. Immerse yourself in the culture and flavours of this Mediterranean city by sampling these typical delicacies:

Celebres Sandales Tropeziennes

The famous Tropezian sandals

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless elegance of Tropezian sandals. Handcrafted for generations, they embody the relaxed, refined style of Saint-Tropez. Local boutiques are full of unique designs you won’t find anywhere else.

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The region’s sweet delights

Taste the sweet flavours of Saint-Tropez with the famous Tarte Tropézienne. This cream and sugar-sprinkled sponge pastry is a real treat. It’s the embodiment of the city’s sweet tooth.

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Délices Sucres Region

Local crafts and unique souvenirs

Explore the local markets in Saint-Tropez to unearth artisan treasures. From jewelry and ceramics to clothing and accessories, you’ll find unique souvenirs that reflect the city’s creative soul.

These essential Tropéziennes are an invitation to authenticity and discovery. Book your next stay in Saint-Tropez now to discover all its treasures in our
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